What You Need to Know When Installing a New Heating System

Are you in the market for a new heating system for your Rhode Island or Massachusetts home this season? The heating professionals at Landry & Martin are here to help you stay warm and comfortable while saving money on energy costs with new heating equipment. But, before you request your installation service with us, consider a few key things to help us better understand how to upgrade your total home comfort. Keep reading for our list of top questions to consider when installing a new heating system.

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What to Consider for a New Heating Installation in Rhode Island

Do You Currently Run a Furnace or a Boiler?

If you already have a furnace, your home’s ductwork is prepared for your system to be replaced with another furnace. If you have a boiler, the copper piping will work with another boiler. It’s much more cost-effective to stick with the same heating method than to convert the heat-distribution system.

Do You Have a Manufacturer Preference?

If you were satisfied with your old equipment (or if you weren’t!), take note of the brand name. Let our technicians know! While they are experts at equipping your home with an excellently manufactured heating system, they are always happy to accommodate your home comfort equipment requests.

How Much Heating Capacity Do You Need?

A larger furnace or boiler can heat more zones (or floors) of your home. A small apartment may only need a furnace or boiler capacity for one zone, while a large home may need the capacity for two or three. If you’re not sure, contact our energy experts for a consultation!

Consider Your Fuel Source & Efficiency

Do you currently use oil or gas to heat your home? Our technicians will install a heating system that uses the same fuel. In fact, our techs are skilled in installing heating oil, natural gas, and propane heating systems to accommodate your individual heating fuel preferences. With your new heating system in place, its improved efficiency is going to make a significant impact on lowering your annual fuel bills.

Brainstorm Other Necessary Upgrades

Leverage your buying power by upgrading multiple systems at the same time. When you get a new heating unit, consider a new central A/C or ductless cooling system. This will promote better overall energy efficiency, helping you save more in the long run. Though the weather outside may be cooling down, it’s never too early to begin preparing your whole home for your complete comfort year-round. Plus, some mini-split ductless AC systems can also provide supplemental heating in the wintertime, making them invaluable to RI residents in every season.

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Need a Replacement? Contact Landry & Martin’s Heating Installation Pros

Reduce the chance of your old heating system breaking down and replace it today with Eshenaur’s expert heating installation services. New high-efficiency heating systems have proven safer, more reliable, and more cost-effective for our residents. Get in touch with our energy experts here at Landry & Martin for a no-strings-attached quote on a new heating system upgrade. Visit our online contact page to get started. Not yet a Landry & Martin customer? Fill out our online registration form to get started today.