Diesel Fuel Delivery

For all of your residential and commercial transportation needs, Landry & Martin supplies clean and high-quality diesel fuel deliveries directly to our customers. Whether you need on-road or off-road diesel fuel for your on-road vehicles or off-road machinery, our diesel fuel delivery service is suited for you. You can count on our local and dependable fuel company to supply high-quality diesel fuel for all your commercial needs. Landry & Martin’s fuel ordering and delivery services in the Greater Providence area, Southeastern Massachusetts, and Blackstone Valley are the most reliable and affordable choice to get your diesel fuel.

Landry & Martin Drive-Thru Diesel Pumps in RI

Drive-Thru Diesel

Need a quick fuel up? Our drive-thru premium diesel fuel is available at our location for public use Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. seasonally). We serve our drive-up customers with #1, #2, as well as off-road diesel fuel options.

Diesel Fuel Delivery Truck from Landry & Martin Oil

On-Road Diesel

When you order on-road diesel from Landry & Martin, you can know that you are receiving clean, uncontaminated, and ultra-low sulfur diesel. No matter the size of your fleet, you can rest assured that our fuel will get you where you need to go. Whether for your diesel truck, four-wheeler, or commercial equipment, you can trust Landry & Martin to provide you with only the top quality on-road diesel fuel.

Off-Road Diesel Powered Excavators Awaiting Fuel from Landry & Martin Oil in Providence County, RI

Off-Road Diesel

Off-road equipment needs to be reliable—after all, off-road systems include important equipment like tractors, generators, and more. Our dedicated fuel delivery fleets carry only clean, uncontaminated diesel to keep your equipment safe and efficient. Our certified technicians bring not only our high-quality fuel, but a peace of mind you won’t find with any other company.

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Do we come to your neighborhood? At Landry & Martin, we proudly provide top-quality fuel delivery and HVAC services to the following communities in Rhode Island: