The Unbeatable Benefits of Automatic Bioheat® Fuel Delivery in RI & MA

With this long summer we’re having in New England, you may not even be thinking about how cold winter will be yet. When chilly temperatures do arrive,  you’ll need a reliable way to help ensure your fuel deliveries arrive on time. If you’re a Greater Providence, Blackstone Valley, or Southeastern Massachusetts area resident, then you can count on Landry & Martin to deliver your fuel!

Many of our MA and RI customers love our automatic fuel delivery because it provides them with reliable and convenient warmth throughout the long winter months. With automatic delivery, instead of placing orders and having to arrange them around your busy schedule, you can relax and rest easy, knowing that we have you covered.

The Basics of Automatic Delivery

Does automatic delivery cost more than will-call?

Many people may have the misunderstanding that automatic delivery is more expensive than will-call ordering — but guess what? It’s not, at all! When it comes to Landry & Martin’s auto delivery service, we deliver only what you need when you need it. Never more, and never less. That way, you can take advantage of more balanced heating costs on automatic delivery.

How does automatic delivery work?

At Landry & Martin, we use an exact delivery schedule based on your heating needs. And don’t worry — it’s not too good to be true! We use state-of-the-art technology to track daily weather patterns and fuel usage to estimate when you will need your next delivery, so it’s always on time.

What are the benefits of signing up for automatic delivery?

The benefits of auto delivery are simple and awesome:

  • Total convenience – No need to pick up the phone or plan ahead around delivery dates.
  • Greater peace of mind – Automatic delivery significantly reduces the risk of a no-fuel emergency, which can cause serious damage to your equipment.
  • Smarter spending – A custom delivery schedule translates into more efficient fill-ups, which can help you make the most of your heating season budget.

Should I still keep an eye on my tank gauge?

While we’ll handle all your ordering and scheduling for you, it’s still a good idea for you to occasionally check your fuel gauge. Our team will track usage and make deliveries automatically, but a sudden increase in usage (like adding more members to your household or property additions) could throw off your typical usage schedule. If you have any changes in your fuel usage, make sure to tell us right away.

How can I sign up for automatic delivery?

Signing up for automatic delivery is easy! Simply contact us to get started. You’ll enjoy total convenience and more balanced heating costs. We look forward to serving you.

Landry & Martin Is Here to Serve Your Bioheat® Fuel Delivery Needs

You can rest easy knowing that the team at Landry & Martin have your safety and comfort in mind year-round. We proudly provide our customers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts with dependable Bioheat® fuel oil delivery, diesel delivery, heating installations and maintenance, and much more. Contact us to enroll in auto delivery today!